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Women in the Locksmith Trade

The locksmith profession is open to anyone, regardless of gender. Women have proven themselves to be skilled and capable locksmiths, excelli...

30 Mar, 2023

Empowering Women Through Non-Traditional Careers

Many professions and trades have been considered "men-only" fields. However, things are changing for the better. With the changi...

26 Mar, 2023

The Rural Livelihood Initiative & Women In Bihar

In rural Bihar, women are forming self-help groups to start their small businesses and break free from the clutches of poverty. When you d...

24 Mar, 2023

The Rise of Rural Entrepreneurship in Bihar: Dairy, Fish Farming & Goats

In recent years, Bihar has seen a surge in self-employment opportunities in the fields of cow dairy, fish farming, and goat farming. These t...

24 Mar, 2023

The Sorry State of Education in Bihar's Government Schools

The Indian state of Bihar faces numerous challenges in providing quality education to children in government schools. Despite government e...

24 Mar, 2023